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The time has come. Tonight is the night. “Gauntlet,” airs tonight (9PM ET), and that will be it for Stargate Universe. A franchise that began with Stargate: SG-1 fourteen years ago will end, and there is no indication that it will be continuing. The movies have been cancelled. SGU has been cancelled. It seems like all is lost. And yet…

There is a band of intrepid fans who are determined to Save Stargate Universe. They are determined to invoke the powers that saved Chuck, Futurama, and other shows saved by their fans, and they are pulling out all the stops to do so.

First, there is The Plan, which has multiple facets. Part One is a standard Post Flood.


On Monday, May 9th, every member of Save Stargate Universe leave a post on the SyFy facebook page, the SyFy Forums, and any other public forum/page related to NBCUniversal, SyFy, or MGM, demonstrating your anger for the cancellation, your desire for more Stargate, and your willingness to fight for it.  Please try to keep the language civil.  There are children who visit this site.  Keep posting all day long and during the last episode of Stargate Universe.  If your comment is deleted, post again.  If you are blocked, you know they saw it.  There are over 26,000 of us.  If we all do this, they will get the message.

Part Two is the Tissue Box Campaign, which Stargate: SG-1 fans will recognize from the very first episode:


During the week of May 9th, purchase three boxes of Kleenex (or three of any box of tissue you are able, does not matter if they are the cheap ones, but the bigger the better!) and write on it these three things:


‘Save Stargate Universe Tissue Box Campaign’ www.facebook.com/SaveSGU

(We WANT them to know who is doing this)


You can also include any message on these boxes that you like, but we want these things on there so that this campaign is uniform.  If they know we are organized, they know we are serious.  Remember; do not send any violent threats.  You can be arrested for sending threats through the mail.

Addresses for this part of the campaign and others will be listed at the end of this post. Remember to be safe and sane about what you send these people through the mail.

Part Three is the equally clever Communication Stone Campaign:


During the week of May 9th, find several stones (not too small but no boulders either!) and write on it these three things:


‘Save Stargate Universe Communication Stone Campaign’ www.facebook.com/SaveSGU

(we WANT them to know who is doing this)


You can also include any message on or with these stones that you like, but we want these things on there so that this campaign is uniform.  If they know we are organized, they know we are serious.  Remember; do not send any violent threats.  You can be arrested for sending threats through the mail.

Finally, there is the Bye Bye Syfy Campaign:


Anyone who is done with SyFy all together (meaning that there is not another show on that you want to watch, I know that many like Being Human and Merlin, no shame in that) delete the SyFy Facebook page from your account.  Now remember before you do this, to see any updates or post on the wall, you have to “like” the page.  So we leave that up to your discretion.  This is a personal choice and not mandatory.

I also want to encourage others to join the SyFail group on Facebook. As I have said elsewhere, in my opinion Syfy has been increasingly going astray and alienating its fanbase. A Save Sanctuary page has already been started because no matter how amazing the show is, we know which way the wind is blowing. Speak out, in every way you can, and maybe, just maybe, Syfy will listen.

And remember, another way to help make sure the Stargate franchise continues is to buy their DVDs and products:

Stargate SG-1

Stargate SG-1: The Complete Series Collection (2007)

Stargate: The Ark of Truth/Stargate: Continuum [Blu-ray]

Stargate Atlantis

Stargate Atlantis: All

Stargate Atlantis: Complete Series Gift Set [Blu-ray]

Stargate Atlantis DVD:

Stargate Atlantis – The Complete First Season

Stargate Atlantis – The Complete Second Season

Stargate Atlantis – The Complete Third Season

Stargate Atlantis – The Complete Fourth Season

Stargate Atlantis – The Complete Fifth Season

Stargate Universe DVD:

SGU: Stargate Universe: Complete First Season [Blu-ray]

SGU: Stargate Universe – The Complete First Season [DVD]

And finally, with heavy heart, I must finish and prepare for the season finale. Let’s just hope it isn’t the series finale, instead.

Addresses for The Plan:


John Bryan

MGM Worldwide Television Distribution

2500 Broadway Street

Santa Monica, CA 90404-3065 USA




c/o NBC Universal

Dave Howe

30 Rockefeller Plaza

New York, NY 10112 USA



NBC/Universal Media Studios

c/o Barry Wallach

Domestic Television Distribution

100 Universal City Plaza

Universal City CA 91608 USA


15 thoughts on “What You Can Do To Save Stargate Universe

  1. Jason

    I can’t believe my eyes. Atlantis Complete on Blu-Ray! For those that want to see SGA movies….pre-order, pre-order, pre-order!

  2. chris weaver

    Save stargate universe.produce the promised stargate atlantis/sg-1 movies! those guys are getting old.we want to see them in their prime!

  3. Guy from europe

    If I would live near their main building I would toilet paper it! Kipkay has a project. 😉

  4. Dave

    Hi, I must admit that I have not been doing all that much, except writing 3 emails to syfy. Up to now there has been no response, typical of arrogant firms! Never mind, SGU will prevail!


    1. Neal Jansons Post author

      Thanks for doing what you can, Dave. Every little bit counts. This HAS been done before. Fans have pulled shows back from the brink of being lost forever.

  5. Leon

    Another email from another SGU fan.

    There are too few quality science fiction shows on television. Most seem unrealistic, even ridiculus and / or impossible. And when a real quality show comes along that truly catures me I start counting the days until it is cancelled. Firefly… Kings… and now SGU…

    It is disappointing to see shows like Santuary with its’ horrible special effects, or Eureka with its’ ludicrous story like (not to mention acting), left on the air when something as intriguing as SGU gets cancelled. I don’t even want to talk about Warehouse 13. Do people really watch these shows?

    I know I’m not going to change your mind about SGU, but maybe you will consider a few things when you are pondering the death of the next quality science fiction show. Not all your viewers are into the unrealistic crap that airs on your station, and maybe that one show is the only reason they pay a little extra on their cable bill to get your channel. In a declining economy cable subscriptions are on the decline, viewership is on the decline.

    I was the loyal SciFi viewer who bribed coworkers so I could be 30 minutes later to work to watch my favorite 10pm shows. When Battlestar ended my boss was happy because I was on time Friday nights. But when SGU and Caprica were cancelled I could no longer find anything of interest left on SYFY for me. I tried several of your other shows and eventually gave up. The result, I dropped the SYFY channel, which was the reason I originally got DVR and HD television. I, like around a million other people, needed that one show that truly catered to our entertainment fantasies. It drew us to your channel and exposed us to other shows, movies, and special you were airing. Now that it is gone, so are we…



    1. Neal Jansons Post author

      While I have a bit more patience for the whimsical shows (my wife and I are actually watching through Eureka right now), I definitely agree with your overall point.

      Thanks for your comment and thanks for reading!

    2. Jamie

      Thank you so much for Stargate SG1 and Atlantis. Stargate SG1 with Richard d Anderson ,Carter,Daniel, and Thor makes it the best in the world. I trust it will never end. Stargate Universe didn’t fetuare O’neil,Sam. and Daniel enough.however; thank you that they at leased appeared. I feel Stargate is where we are heading so, it’s not just intertaining but also enlighting.

  6. Friendly German SGU Fanatic (FGSGUF)

    I love space opera series and there is currently only SGU on air which reaches the high quality level in SFX and Storyline i wanna see !!! This means i´m a hardcore sci-fi fan and hate casual series (or like i call them: Casual low-niveau series for the masses) like Heroes or other scum like this. SO PLEASE SAVE SGU or at least GIVE THE SERIES THE ENDING IT EARNS -> I WANNA SEE AT LEAST A SGU FINAL-ENDING MOVIE !!! MGM and SyFi Channel – i beg you, MAKE THE SERIES ENDING MOVIE !!!!

  7. Johnny Rudick

    I wish I had run into this website last year and at least done my part to “Save Stargate Universe”. It did not seem to do any good as TV has always managed to in the most part cancel the good shows and replace them with stupid “reality” crap., but I wish I had at least done my part. There must be millions like me out there who loved the show and wished the same thing.


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