Save Stargate Universe Facebook Campaign Recruits Over 22,000 Fans…Will Syfy Listen?

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Let’s face it, folks. Syfy has gone astray. They have lost the faith. They have sniffed the air of easy wrestling profits and been lured away into confusion and avarice. But they can be redeemed…through listening to the people that made them who they are today.

The fans.

Right now, the Save SGU page on Facebook has 22, 453 fans. That is larger than the population of eleven sovereign nations. The Stargate franchise has run continuously for fourteen years. First the hit SG-1, which ran for ten years, expanded upon the mythos and gave us new heroes, villains, and stories. Stargate Atlantis took things to a new level and took the heroes to a new galaxy. Finally, Stargate Universe drew upon new inspiration, giving a grim, gritty, and a far more desperate situation for the heroes than ever before.

SGU drew its share of criticism. Some accused it of being a Battlestar Galactica clone, and I have to admit, there is a clear inspiration there. But that criticism holds little water when you look beyond the camera-work; Stargate Universe and Battlestar Galactica are as different as night and day when you look at their styles of character development, plot development, and story organization. While both series have that “dark and gritty” feel, BSG is about the fleet, about the Cylon’s Plan, and first and foremost, it’s a religious story: angels guiding the path of their god’s children, both human and Cylon. Stargate Universe lives in a different universe, one full of aliens, the remains of the Ancients, and human heroism on a level far beyond that of Battlestar. And SGU is more than that; it is the continuation of a fourteen year tale. When you become responsible for a franchise with as much power and following as Stargate, as Syfy did after SG-1’s fifth season, you take on a responsibility to do the franchise justice. And who really feels that Syfy is doing the franchise justice?

But the problem goes beyond Stargate Universe. Caprica, a prequel to the incredible (and incredibly popular) Battlestar Galactica, received about as little support as a show could while still being on the network. The series was smart, beautifully shot and acted, but just as the fanbase was really being established, it was cancelled. Sanctuary, the immensely popular show starring Stargate’s Amanda Tapping, has been moved to late evening Monday nights…a timeslot that can easily be the kiss of death. A “Save Sanctuary” campaign has already begun on Facebook, and already has over 300 fans. This group claims to know which way the wind is blowing and is preparing for the inevitable announcement. I look forward with trepidation to the new Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome, another prequel to BSG set during the First Cylon War. From the evidence I have seen, if it doesn’t “do well enough” right out of the gate it will get less and less support from the network, get moved to less and less popular time-slots, and then finally get cancelled.

Apparently, Syfy’s new, ridiculous logic (to go with its new, ridiculous name) is that if a show doesn’t rake in money hand over fist right away, before it has even gotten a chance to establish its characters and story, then it’s deemed “not good enough” and the plan becomes “do everything that can be done to disrupt the series and assure that it will fail, then cancel it while feigning surprise that it failed”. And why are they doing this? Well, to any long-time fan of science fiction, this sounds like a very, very familiar logic. It’s the logic of Fox. It’s the logic that led to Firefly being shown out of order. It’s the logic that led to time-slots being changed. And it’s the logic that finally killed one of the best shows in years. It was the same logic used on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, as well, and Dollhouse. It’s almost like they want these shows to fail.

And perhaps they do. Fox filled its lineup with one reality show after another. Syfy is getting into the wrestling business. Is there a connection? Of course there is; these shows cost almost nothing to make, are very popular, and do incredibly well on normal television. And that is part of the explanation as well: normal television versus streaming and download services.

The networks claimed, each time, that the show just didn’t have the ratings. But ratings are done on television sets, and the audience is moving to computers and streamed services. I haven’t had cable for at least ten years, because cable isn’t worth the money and I can get my shows via streaming and download services without the commercials or the manipulations of the time-slot. The Nielsen Rating system doesn’t take anything except television into account, which means that shows that might be immensely popular look like they have little audience at all. Network executives (the same people who thought that alienating their own fanbase was a great idea) apparently can’t be bothered to keep up with all these new online systems of measuring popularity, so they increasingly target their shows towards what does well on Nielsen and ignore the rest.

Of course, what can you really expect from Syfy, whose reason for changing their name was because:

“The name Sci Fi has been associated with geeks and dysfunctional, antisocial boys in their basements with video games and stuff like that, as opposed to the general public and the female audience in particular,” said TV historian Tim Brooks, who helped launch Sci Fi Channel when he worked at USA Network.”

Make sure you catch that loud and clear, fans and readers: the people who like science fiction and who the Sci Fi network built its business on are dysfunctional, antisocial boys living in their parent’s basements. This is what these people think of their own fan-base, the people who paid their bills and fed their children.

So can Syfy turn things around? Can they keep their fans, rather than turning into a wrestling, NASCAR, and reality-show clone? It all depends on whether they can stop looking at Nielsen and start looking at popularity tracking technology that was created more recently than the 1950s. The fans are here, the shows are popular, and if Syfy keeps them on the air and shows some loyalty to the franchises and to their fans, they will gain our support and (more importantly) our dollars. If they do not, if Syfy doesn’t regain the faith and come back into the geekdom fold…it will go the way of Fox: never to be trusted (or watched) again.

Please show your support by liking the pages below:

Save SGU

Save Sanctuary

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58 thoughts on “Save Stargate Universe Facebook Campaign Recruits Over 22,000 Fans…Will Syfy Listen?

    1. Kyzzyxx

      That’s because they are. The reason Syfy gave for changing it’s name to Syfy is because they want to get away from pure Sci-Fi to expand what they show so they can make more money. Hence, WWE. So, they basically just used Sci Fi fans to get a foothold in the cable market so they then could afford to expand their programming.

      That’s fine. They have every legal right to be greedy and now we know they are morally bankrupt. Just like I have every right to stop watching Syfy.

      1. Kyzzyxx

        Hmm. I just researched this further. There are many reasons why they claim to have changed their name. This being the only one I found from actual SciFi/SyFy execs, in the NYT..

        “We couldn’t own Sci Fi; it’s a genre,” said Bonnie Hammer, the former president of Sci Fi who became the president of NBC Universal Cable Entertainment and Universal Cable Productions. “But we can own Syfy.”

        Another benefit of the new name is that it is not “throwing the baby away with the bath water,” she added, because it is similar enough to the Sci Fi brand to convey continuity to “the fan-boys and -girls who love the genre.”

        Ms. Hammer and her successor as Sci Fi president, Dave Howe, said they had sat through many meetings over the years at which a name change was debated.

        The principal reason the idea kept coming up, Mr. Howe said, was a belief “the Sci Fi name is limiting.”

        “If you ask people their default perceptions of Sci Fi, they list space, aliens and the future,” he added. “That didn’t capture the full landscape of fantasy entertainment: the paranormal, the supernatural, action and adventure, superheroes.”

        Also, to further a point of the article, Sci Fi fans are fans who are far more likely to download/watch their shows from the internet because we all like technology.. it’s part of being a sci-fi fan. SyFy should be the first to embrace tech that tracks that usage BECAUSE of who they are.

        Greedy. Idiots.

        Hey Syfy execs, read your own tagline… Imagine Greater

  1. TheReviewer

    Most television studio leadership doesn’t understand science fiction. Or, don’t care too. It’s all about money. Consider what happened to popular shows like “Firefly” (I’m still upset about the cancellation of that one), or “Earth2”. I’d like Syfy to listen in regards to “Stargate Universe”, but, I — sadly — have my doubts.

  2. Rodger Phillips

    not only that they seem to think that they only have a fan base only made up of lead characters from the Revenge of the Nerds Movie franchise.
    Ignorance might be bliss at times, but it is neither a Virtue nor a solid business plan.
    Fans of Science Fiction come from all facets of life, Men, Women, Children, across all spectrum’s of ethnicity, and culture, Scifi is the very foundation on which the technology they are employing to broadcast their HD – Wrestling event was born and developed.
    Star Trek gave birth to the concept of the Ipad (I bet the exec’s at Syfy have one)
    Neilson’s Rating technology as old as it is, is also born of Science Fiction.
    That these people can even think to turn on the very people that made their network is a low act, Fans of Scifi (Syfy) should feel used by these people, betrayed.

    as you stated in your article, there is a new Battlestar prequal, why would they cancel one Battle Star prequal and then launch another???? this is bizarre,

    Fans off Scifi are not all Klingon mask wearing 45 year old virgins living in thier mom’s basement venturing out only to buy the latest remastering of Star Trek Episode 1, while attending ComicCon in the hopes of meeting Princess Leia, in her bikini style return of the jedi style outfit.

    They are everyday people, from all walks of live, gas station attendants, security guards, students single parents, doctors, lawyers, teachers, professors, even politicians,and even farmers or ranchers and 90% of them in the US are not counted in the Neilson Ratings, even if they watch regular TV.

    1. Neal Jansons Post author

      This is a great point. Science fiction fans come in all genders, colors, sizes, and subcultures. By insulting their fanbase they gain nothing and they alienate the majority of fans who look and act nothing like the stereotypes.

  3. Josh McCormick

    SGU was pretty awful when they made the decision to cancel. It was only in this second season when it started to turn around. Too bad they couldn’t have made the first season so interesting. Last season, I was actually HOPING they’d kill it.

    1. Matt Cribbs

      Absolutely agreed. When the cancellation was announced I wasn’t shocked. Dark and gritty and Stargate didn’t work well at all, especially when paired with atrocious writing and paper thing characters. The current arc has me hooked though.

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  5. Erik

    Well said Neal; an excellent post. As a member of the Facebook effort I’m one of those fans that hopes (despite all current evidence to the contrary) that Syfy will somehow listen and make things right. They are shooting themselves in the foot with this nonsense, and if allowed to continue will eventually destroy the network itself by completely alienating the fan base entirely. SAVE SGU!!

  6. Scott

    Meh, you all stood by while they killed Firefly.

    Now you want to ‘save’ a poor ripoff show like SGU?

    Too late, too little…..

    1. Neal Jansons Post author

      I fought for Firefly, too, my good sir. I am a proud Browncoat. The venue was merely different for me back then, and forums and IRC rooms didn’t gain nearly enough attention, unfortunately.

      As far as your opinion of SGU goes…well, there is no accounting for taste.

      Thank you for the comment, nonetheless. 🙂

  7. Jared

    It’s relevant that SyFy is talking only about TV ratings, because as you say ratings determine TV viewership. These viewership numbers determine how much they can charge an advertiser for a 30-second commercial slot during the show. This is important because it is through the sale of advertising that non-premium (e.g. not HBO/Showtime/etc) television is funded. By your own admission, you get your shows without the commercials. If not enough people are going to see the commercials, advertisers pay less for the advertising and the amount of money the network has to spend on the show is reduced. As “standard” viewership diminishes, so too does the budget for an episode–or a series all together.

    We can be fans (and don’t get me wrong here, I’m a huge fan and have the SG-1 and SGA box sets, both SG-1 movies, and the original film on DVD) all we want, but unless we’re able to truly support the franchise, we can’t make requests like we’re making. If we can get the 20,000 facebook followers to each put up $10, that’s still only $200,000–how many episodes can be made for $200,000? 1? two, maybe? (It’s an honest question, I don’t know what the production costs are).

    Until there is a better content distribution model that permits (or encourages, even) the denizens of the 21st century to time-shift and stream and download while still ensuring that the content creators are compensated (whether by advertisers or individual contributions) then we’re going to see a lot of this type of thing happen, especially in the Sci-Fi sector where the viewers are more likely to be savvy to the different viewing options that are available to them.

    SGU’s numbers have been in the neighborhood of 1 million viewers lately. If each of these viewers could chip in $20, maybe we could buy a third season of the show. This probably won’t happen, but the money needs to come from somewhere if we actually want to see this happen; it doesn’t matter how many screaming rabid fans we have aligned with the cause of saving the show if we can’t be monetized by the network in a way that makes creating new episodes affordable.

  8. J

    I loved SG1 and Atlantis… I HATE SGU. As a friend of mine remarked “Degrassi in Space? I’d watch that…” And ya he likes the series. But SGU really alienates the vast majority of the earlier stargate fans – which is the reason they kept SG1 on for another season. I hope they do more movies, I hope they write another SG series… But SGU deserves to die an ignominious death of horrid trash spinoff that was just capitalizing off the hard work of the others.

    On a side note, ScFy channel is going to crash and burn because they are abandoning the niche that made them popular. Sure they can skate along for a while off wrestling trash until people finally move on to the next thing and networks stop milking the cash cow that is overpriced cable things. I’m glad Netflix has the ball rolling on an original series, and the good thing about Sanctuary is that it started on it’s own and on the cheap so it can continue when they don’t pick it up. But it is sad that it will be another 5-10 years before we get series that can be divorced from the poor and now completely outdated ratings system.

    1. CTC

      I think they should have continued Atlantis instead of canceling it for SGU. SG-1 and Atlantis are far better shows than SGU but SGU is still interesting in it’s own way but they left Atlantis hanging in the fifth season when they brought the Asgard back and Atlantis retuned home and some other things. I think they should bring Atlantis back and drop SGU. The Stargate franchise is a Sci Fi legend. They shouldn’t cancel it because SyFy is being stupid in its changes.

  9. Julia

    Who knows – they may replace it with another quality sci-fi show, amirite?

    (Or more awful sci-fi movies. Their choice.)

    1. Tee

      I think they have couple of shows lined up but they are not as SciFi as SGU. Stargate has made SYFY. They should’ve appreciated the fan base. Instead of stabbing them by canceling the show. SGU wasn’t give enough time (If you have been watching than you’d know that). Only season 1 and season 2. Things needed to be explained in season 1 (which was kind of a bore in the beginning) and they got enemies that were worth calling enemies in season 2 (eg the drones). People lost their patience and stopped watching which I think was not good (So what happened to staying loyal I ask?). I think SGU could’ve done a lot better than any other shows. It was/is well written and acting is superb. I just think that there wasn’t enough time and they launched this show too late when economy is busted and people don’t have money. Had this series launched with Atlantis than I think it would’ve took off because while Atlantis gave us light hearted comedy and scary aliens, SGU gave us DRAMA, survival skills, good script, acting, a ship (like Startrek), and new Ancient Tec which I say is way way better than other gates (expect for Atlantis cause we got introduced to puddle jumpers in Atlantis). There is so much I’d like to say but there aren’t enough words. This was a well written article. We need more people like say what’s on their minds and how they feel about the cancellation.

      1. Tomas

        SG1 and SGA were not shows that emphasized the drama aspects. The shows were about fun and adventure, they had nothing to do with drama. By changing the show from from a fun, comedic adventurous show to a space opera kind of show, they should have expected to lose a significant amount of fan base. I am a big Stargate fan, and I tried watching SGU and quite simply they got rid of everything I liked about Stargate with the exception of the lore. While SGU it was not a bad show by any means, it was a terrible Stargate show. Bottom line is the show decreased in ratings gradually from the first episode on. The show aired with over 2.3 million viewers, and gradually dropped to 1.4 million by the end of the first season. Even after the second season began to air, it still continued to drop to slightly over a million on a few episodes of season 2. From a business point of view it makes perfect sense to cancel a show that people are simply not interested in. It doesnt matter if the show is the best show ever written, it still has to be profitable. And if people are simply not watching it, then there is no reason to produce it, no matter how loyal of a fan base it has.

  10. Nobody Real

    I have to agree with Jared. I am kind of in shock how you can, on one hand argue that cable isn’t worth it, that youd on’t pay for it, and that you don’t watch commercials.. and on the other hand whine that you aren’t being counted in the ratings.

    Ratings = people watching commercials. It’s a simple formula. Advertisers, who pay the bills, don’t care how many torrents are downloaded, how many videos are streamed, etc.. if their commercials are not being watched.

    You can argue that the business model needs to change, and it does. But that doesn’t change the fact that the model is what it is right now, under which SGU is being made.

    If you really want to support SGU, quick buy a cable subscription and physically sit in front of your TV when the episode is aired and watch it, and the commercials. That’s the only way to “support” it.

    1. Neal Jansons Post author

      How do you think Netflix, Hulu, etc. make their deals to stream shows? How Itunes and Zune get their rights to sell the episodes? By making licensing deals with their producers and networks. When I watch SGU on Netflix or Hulu, the companies are still making their money. They just aren’t bothering to follow the numbers.

      1. John

        I can agree with Neal; personally, I do not use cable as the average person. I only have a few favorite shows or programs. If they stop airing or cancel them; I have no reason to have cable in the first place besides the news and; lets face it, we can get the news off the internet. If they gave an option for fans to be able to support more to a favorite show; I personally, would pay more, I would donate or pay a premium. Besides cable, if Hulu, Netflix.. etc. would buy a shows and produce some themselves, I would stop cable all together.

        I, do not want cable if they have nothing interesting to watch, If they did; I would have gotten a more premium subscription. Ever heard of the old saying “900+ channels and absolutely NOTHING to watch.” If my show keep cancelling, I won’t watch altogether and stick with Hulu.

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  12. Wes

    22,000? No wonder it is getting cancelled. The creators self-cancelled Atlantis when they still had over 1.5million viewers an episode. Plus, SGU only started making real sci fi in season 2.5. Everything up to that was weird politics between Young, Rush and Camille. I enjoy the show now but its their own fault for creating a show that wasn’t what the Stargate fans wanted.

    1. Neal Jansons Post author

      22,000+ people on the Facebook page, not watching. Last episode had about a million recorded through Nielsen, an obsolete metric that assumes the television and the cable box are the end-all, be-all of entertainments delivery.

      1. John

        Currently it’s about almost 100,000 on facebook. And that does not count for those that dont use facebook.

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  14. Bobloblaw

    Since when does Syfi listen to it’s viewers?
    Not one really good show that has been on this channel
    has ever gotten a reprieve because of viewer petitions, uproar,
    campaigns, etc. Not one.

  15. John M

    “I haven’t had cable for at least ten years, because cable isn’t worth the money and I can get my shows via streaming and download services without the commercials or the manipulations of the time-slot.”

    I think you touched on the primary reason for the lack of success among scifi shows these days. By far the biggest piraters around just happen to be scifi lovers. If they are skipping the commercials then the networks can’t make money…

    1. Neal Jansons Post author

      Perhaps that is true for others, but not me. I pay for two different streaming services (hulu gold and Netflix, and in Hulu gold I still get commercials on my X-Box), and buy season passes for shows I like on either Itunes or Zune (depending on the machine I am on at the time and where I want to watch the show). I don’t pirate TV or movies unless I can absolutely not find them anywhere to buy, which almost never happens. I do, or rather did, pirate the main body of my music collection many years ago, but once they started offering online and digital ways to purchase them, I started paying for that, too (I’m about to subscribe to the Zune music service…that sounds pretty good overall, I’m just waiting for a new album I want to come out, which might take a while since I already have the new Radiohead).

      And that is one of the points I was attempting to make in my article: network executives are considering exactly one metric for how well a show is doing, and that metric does not apply to any of the online ways media is being legitimately purchased and viewed. This would be like if music companies only paid attention to CD sales and ignored MP3 sales…it’s ridiculous and ignores the majority of their modern audiences.

    2. Arthur Fracking Dent

      I heartily, though respectfully, disagree with John – There are, i believe, a large number of responsible downloaders out there when it comes to TV, and I’m one of them. Allow me to explain:
      SG-U was broadcast in the US Monday night. While Space was allowed to rebroadcast in Canada on their network, one of the contract stipulations MGM/SyFy (whichever body re-sells it) places on rebroadcasts to external markets (like Canada) is that it cannot be aired for at least one day. Space broadcasted the series on Tuesday (finale was tonight) I ~could~ have downloaded it and watched it last night, but did not.
      Instead, I set the time on my Satellite receiver to the correct date and time, and like magic, I watched it, and spent the usual two minutes of commercial dead-space letting out the dogs, grabbing myself a drink, going to the can, looking at pr0n… whatever.
      The point is, I have ALREADY paid for it, through my subscription. If I had a new PVR tied to my dish (at an additional cost, of course, to replace my existing equipment) I would have a nice, clean, digital copy, and could skip the commercials, and watch it at my leisure, whenever.
      How is downloading it after the broadcast (especially since I waited until TONIGHT – Tuesday) having any impact whatsoever on advertising revenues for this episode? I’ve paid for the commercials, I have paid for the right to skip them.
      That’s the big picture idea that so many of you who blame the internet for the cancellation of programming are missing.

      1. Neal Jansons Post author

        I agree completely, you have it exactly right. That’s why shows and movies are constantly coming in and out of availability on the various streaming services, as well…due to a change in demand on the service, the value of the license has changed. More people watch Stargate shows on streaming services, and MGM gets the metrics on that, and demands more money to let (say) Netflix keep streaming them. Netflix keeps viewers based on their streaming what people want to watch, and if they let popular shows fall out of licensing, people cancel their subscriptions. The same thing applies for the other subscription services. Hulu Gold has a slightly different model, where they incorporate ads as well as a subscription fee, but trust me, the production companies are getting their fair cut for the (legal) streaming services.

        This is why, however much it hurts, we the geeks must abandon piracy and pay for these services. Back in the day, I remember people in IRC rooms and on USENET saying, “Oh, if only the companies would offer the media in the format I want it, rather than trying to screw me over on packaging and physical objects I don’t need or want…let me subscribe to a service that gives me all I want over the net for a fixed monthly price.” Well, it’s happened. They listened. Now pay up.

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  18. John M

    That’s great you do that Neal but I think you are int he minority. That’s a guess but a plausible one. There is a correlation between techies and sci fi, and techies and knowledge of piracy…

    I personally would pay a few hundred bucks a year if I knew I could get 4 or 5 good quality scifi series a year… Problem is a lot of others would have to do the same..

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  20. Karen

    I think the trouble with these executives, is they want a show to be that money spinner the day it’s aired and then keep making money for them, when in actually fact, the majority of shows are only finding their feet in the first season, introducing characters, explaining situations etc. It’s only when you get to a second season, sometimes even a third, that a show has developed it’s way and started to root itself down.

    By cancelling shows so early, they don’t get that chance to really grow!

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  22. ken

    Excellent post. I wrote my own just recently, and am pleased to see similar content elsewhere on the internet. I’m thoroughly disappointed with comments made regarding SyFy’s interpretation of the core demographic that helped make the network. I’m currently looking to help awareness for the cause but I’ve read that the sets have already been taken down, making an 11th hour u-turn unlikely. Can anyone provide some insight on this please?

    1. Neal Jansons Post author

      I have heard and read some of the same things, but I am also sure that if we can work together and get them renewed, they will happily build new sets.

      Also, I must point out that while I mostly focused on SGU in this article, my goal was to confront Syfy on how it is dealing with its shows in general. SGU might be a lost cause, though I am not willing to admit it yet, but Sanctuary seems to be the next up for the disruption and cancellation pattern. Maybe this time it will be to make room for episodes of the Jersey Shore and we will know the end is here.

  23. Pam

    I think it’s pretty funny that they make a comment about alienating their fan base with a name and then they cut out shows like Sanctuary and SGU that have more female characters and relationship development in favor of wrestling…Hmmmm let me see, would I rather watch a bunch of guys choreographed to pretend to wrestle, or a well developed story about humans wrestling with all kinds of ethical and moral issues as they are increasingly isolated from the larger group…

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  25. Paul

    MGM’s studio in Vancouver that made SG has been shuttered in their bankruptcy. Syfy doesnt make the show. Its DOA.
    I liked the show, but its gone. Due to forces that Syfy cant control.

  26. ME

    Does SyFy get a penny of advertising revenue from you watching their shows online? Why should they make shows for fans who don’t watch their advertising and make them money? They are a business after all.

    That being said, I watch their shows online, and it really stinks that Universe is being cancelled just as it started to get interesting. Ditto for Caprica (which was kind of slow.)

    It also stinks that the ship is leaving the Galaxy and abandoning their descendants to the drones.

    1. Neal Jansons Post author

      Syfy gets money for contracts they make with the streaming companies for the content they own. Based on demand, these contracts are short and constantly renegotiated.

  27. ME

    How about we all boycott any wrestling show on SyFy until they bring back our favorite shows. You’d think they position themselves as a sci-fi network and stay there. Maybe sci-fi nerds are smart enough to figure out how to stream off the internet, and not may SyFy any money by watching their advertising, while wrestling fans who believe the wrestling real aren’t as likely to figure such things out.

    Fake professional wrestling is about the most boring, torturous thing to watch on TV. I’d rather get smacked in the face than be tied down and forced to watch that stuff for a couple of hours.

    I’ve got an idea. SyFy could make a really low budget version of StarGate Universe that switches to cartoon or filming cardboard cutouts whenever they show space ships (or just old clips) and play the show on YouTube or their own channel without going through the network. To keep from playing talents, they could even make it a puppet show with puppets that look like the main characters. At least they could finish out the story line for us. Maybe they would get a decent ROI on a puppet show or a low tech show with real actors.

    Or maybe they could just kill off a few characters and just pay the salaries of a few of them, and keep running old clips of space scenes.

  28. Brian

    Stargate and Sanctuary are the only shows I currently watch on “syfy”. If they are both cancelled I don’t think I’ll ever go back. What once was one of my favorite channels is being slowly ruined.

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  30. norman ison

    I won’t star gate universe back don’t leave us hanging it was a good show .bring it back and get rid of wrestling.if they need room.

  31. Save SGU

    The has been compromised by some outside source. He has hacked (well really Stolen one of the Admins Cookies and was able to take control of the fan page). He has booted all the Real Admins from the page and started spamming dont click on his links. We need a real hacker to recover the page contact THE DUDE DEAN on facebook if u can help and no facebook has not even responded in doing anything to help us get it back Thanks

  32. Dav

    I always thought the name change to syfy was idiotic and didn’t make any sense. Ditto with the wrestling thing… It’s not even imaginative! I hope the network either dies or realizes they’re losing their customers! I used to watch Sci Fi every day, then once a week, and now never. But that’s their loss.

  33. CTC

    Save SGU and Revive Atlantis. If Syfy did that I think they would gain a huge fan base and get a large profit from it.

  34. CTC

    The Stargate name and shows is and are legends! Tell MGM and Syfy not to let them end because Syfy has a stick up their rear. Stargate made Syfy what it is now. I think if Syfy lets Stargate go for good they are going to loose a lot of money in the long run and loose a large amount of fans.


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